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Clients can opt to host TaskFlow on premises if there is a very good reason for wanting to do so. In this case it is the client's responsibility to provide us with a server and to ensure that access is restricted to the server. Clients also have the responsibility to perform daily backups and maintenance.

Availability SLA

Our server infrastructure will improve over time. At the time of writing we are able to provide a 99.9% uptime to our clients. This excludes the on premise clients since we cannot control all the variables, such as power supply to the server and network uptime.

Availability %Downtime per year
993.65 days
99.98.76 hours
99.9952.56 minutes
99.9995.26 minutes
99.999931.5 seconds

Backups / Disaster Recovery

We keep 7 days full backups for each TaskFlow database. Backups are replicated ( via a secure channel ) between regions as well as to a physical location. Backups are made at 02:00 every day. Backups are not sent across the boarder - i.e. the data remains in South Africa.