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Xneelo (Hetzner)

By default, all clients are hosted at Hetzner's main data centre in Johannesburg with a standby micro instance at Microsoft Azure. Hetzner's data centres are all equipped with CCTV cameras and access is granted to Hetzner employees via biometric access. We try our absolute best to secure your data and prevent unauthorised access while keeping your data accessible whenever it is needed.

Microsoft Azure

Clients can opt to host in Microsoft Azure's data centre in the South Africa North region by paying an extra monthly fee. Azure has more regions than any other cloud provider and they provide complaint and resilient solutions. Backups are handled by Azure and they ensure that all servers remain accessible.

On Premises

Clients can opt inside one or more of the Terraco data centres located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. These servers are managed by TaskFlow and we ensure high uptime as well as data replication between these data centres to ensure the best experience for our customers. We use a hardened operating system and are up to date with all of the latest security best practices.

We partner with CloudProx, Hetzner and Microsoft Azure to ensure full data redundancy and always store backups in different locations should a data centre become completely unavailable. All data remains within the borders of South Africa.

We accommodate clients who want to host TaskFlow on premises if there is a very good reason for wanting to do sothis. In this case it is these cases the client 's responsibility needs to provide us with a server and to ensure that access is restricted to is responsible for securing the server. Clients It is also have the client's responsibility to perform hardware maintenance and make daily backups and maintenance..

Availability SLA

Our server infrastructure will improve over time. At the time of writing we are able to provide a 99.9% uptime to our clients. This excludes the on premise clients since we cannot control all the variables, such as power supply to the server and network uptime.

Availability %Downtime per year
993.65 days
99.98.76 hours
99.9952.56 minutes
99.9995.26 minutes
99.999931.5 seconds

Backups / Disaster Recovery

We keep 7 days full backups for each TaskFlow database. Backups are replicated ( via a secure channel ) between regions as well as to a physical location. Backups are made at 02:00 every day. Backups are not sent across the boarder - i.e. the data remains in kept within the borders of South Africa.

Hardware failure

  • Hard drives are set up in either RAID 1 or RAID 5 configuration ensuring no data loss due to the failure Drives
    • RAID configuration ensures data loss is impossible in case of a single drive
  • Servers have multiple network interfaces that are set up in a Linux Bond ensuring that traffic can be routed in case an interface becomes unavailable
  • Servers have a dual hot-swappable power supply, ensuring
    • failure
    • Entire drive snapshots are made and securely transferred to a different region
  • Memory
    • Multiple memory modules ensuring no disaster for single failure
  • Power Supply
    • Dual hot-swappable supply ensures uptime even if one power supply fails
  • Network
    • Two physical network cards ensures uptime even if one card fails
    • Interfaces are set up in a Linux Bond ensuring automatic fail-over
    • Multiple breakout points to the internet are provided via BGP

Disaster recovery

  • RPO (Recovery Point Objective): Clients will never lose more than 24 hours of data. This will only happen when we are unable to restore a slave spin up the High Availability server and have to restore your TaskFlow instance from the previous days' backup.
  • RTO (Recover Time Objective): Clients will be offline for a maximum of 4 hours in case an entire data centre becomes unavailable. This is due to configuration needed in order for the High Availability server to be fully up and running

Servers are constantly monitored and TaskFlow system administrators are notified whenever crucial events occur.