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  • Various improvements on the agent status dashboard

  • Ability to specify form view to open on inbound calls

  • Call recording URL is now configurable allowing easy migration from PBX to PBX. The URL will be computed on the call log when updating this field.

  • Various user interface/stability improvements on the phone widget

  • Show extension status on the call transfer screen

  • Ability to transfer to inbound queues on the call transfer screen

  • We no longer log any feature code calls to the call logs (e.g. *79 or *100)
  • Agents no longer have to disposition calls that weren't answered
  • Native browser notifications on inbound calls have been improved
  • Removed of old Teleforge and Fox5 integration modules
  • Fixed traceback when trying to redial number while on the call log form view
  • Fixed traceback on call history tab