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We keep 7 days full backups for each TaskFlow database. Backups are replicated via a secure channel between regions as well as to a physical location. Backups are made at 02:00 every day. Backups are not sent across the boarder - i.e. the data remains in South Africa.

Hardware failure

  • Hard drives are set up in either RAID 1 or RAID 5 configuration ensuring no data loss due to the failure Drives
    • RAID configuration ensures data loss is impossible in case of a single drive
  • Servers have multiple network interfaces that are set up in a Linux Bond ensuring that traffic can be routed in case an interface becomes unavailable
  • Servers have a dual hot-swappable power supply, ensuring
    • failure
    • Entire drive snapshots are made and securely transferred to another zone
  • Memory
    • Multiple memory modules ensuring no disaster for single failure
  • Power Supply
    • Dual hot-swappable supply ensures uptime even if one power supply fails
  • Network
    • Two physical network cards ensures uptime even if one card fails
    • Interfaces are set up in a Linux Bond ensuring automatic fail-over
    • Multiple breakout points to the internet is provider by Hetzner

Disaster recovery

  • RPO (Recovery Point Objective): Clients will never lose more than 24 hours of data. This will only happen when we are unable to restore a slave server and have to restore your TaskFlow instance from the previous days' backup.
  • RTO (Recover Time Objective): Clients will be offline for a maximum of 4 hours in case an entire data centre becomes unavailable.