We have a dedicated support team that monitor the email address. As soon as we receive an email, it is automatically assigned to one of our staff who will assist you with your request, or point you to the correct section of the documentation. In general, our support staff do not log into your system to resolve queries, since the data in your TaskFlow belongs to you. We offer guidance on where you may struggle. If we notice many support requests from a specific client, we offer extra training hours at our standard training rate.

Business Hours

Emergencies can be reported to your account manager directly. All other queries should be directed to or 087 655 0505.

South Africa

DayHours (GMT +2)
Monday08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday08:00 - 17:00
Thursday08:00 - 17:00
Friday08:00 - 17:00
Public Holidays--

United States

DayHours (GMT +2)
Monday15:00 - 23:00
Tuesday15:00 - 23:00
Wednesday15:00 - 23:00
Thursday15:00 - 23:00
Friday15:00 - 23:00
Public Holidays--

Response Times

Depending on the severity of the request we receive, there are different timelines to resolution of the issue. Unless we have a separate agreement with the client, our response times to issues are as listed in the table below.

Request LevelDescriptionResponse TimeResolution Time
  • The entire system is offline / unreachable / unusable
  • An essential part of the system is unusable in such a way that no one using the system can continue their day-to-day work
  • No workaround can be put in place and normal business operations cannot continue
2 hours12 hours
  • An essential part of the system is not functioning correctly and causes high irritation to most users
  • Normal business operations can continue since there is a workaround that can be put in place
2 hours48 hours
  • Requests for a new feature
  • Modifications to existing features
  • Bugs from the previous levels where workarounds were put in place, but a permanent solution still needs to be developed
24 hoursDepends on complexity of the development
Support / Training
  • Day-to-day queries and questions on using the system
  • Requests for extra training or an explanation on a part of the system
24 hoursDepends on the complexity of the question or query

*Please read the "Requesting Configurations" and "Requesting Custom Developments" section for clarity on requesting developments

Submitting Issues

When submitting issues to, please remember to:

If you have questions rather than issues, please read through our online documentation first, and be sure to go through our FAQs page, before logging issues. Additional training may be requested by sending an email to

Client Error

The following screen will pop up in case something unexpected happens in TaskFlow. It will automatically send a crash report to the TaskFlow support team containing valuable information about the incident such as the user that was logged in, the screen they were viewing and the full code traceback.

This screen may pop up for a number of reasons but the most common reasons is incorrect configurations in search domains, custom filters or automated actions. You can click on the "Show Traceback" button and scroll to the bottom of the message to better understand the reason for the error.

Requesting Configurations

TaskFlow is highly configurable and we have set of configuration tasks that we can perform if and when clients request it. Configuration is charged per hour and the hourly rate is stipulated in your SaaS agreement with TaskFlow. The most common configuration tasks we do on a daily basis are listed below:

ConfigurationExamples*Difficulty / Time / Cost
Add/Amend list/form view
  • Display the existing field x on an existing list or form view
  • Hide field x only if a certain condition is met on a form view
  • Change the label of field x on an existing list of form view
  • Move field x to a different location in the list or form view
  • Create a new list or form view from an existing model
Add/Amend graph/pivot view
  • Change the default rows, columns or measurements of an existing graph or pivot
  • Create a new graph or pivot view with rows, columns and measurements for an existing model
Add/Amend kanban view
  • Change the look and feel of an existing kanban view
  • Create a new kanban view for an existing model

Add/Amend search view

  • Search on field x by typing in the search bar
  • Create a new filter based on specific search criteria
  • Create a new group-by option based on field x
  • Create new favourite item with specific search and group-by criteria
  • Pre-populate the search bar with an existing favourite item

Add/Amend database model

  • Create a new model with basic fields
  • Add field x to an existing model
  • Create a computation on field x
  • Make field x required or read-only
Add/Amend email template
  • Create a new email template with variables
  • Make changes to an existing email template
Add/Amend SMS template
  • Create a new SMS template with variables
  • Make changes to an existing email template

Add/Amend PDF report

  • Create a new PDF report from a single record
  • Modify an existing PDF report

Add/Amend automated action

  • When the user does x then y must happen

Add/Amend scheduled action

  • Schedule a cron that will do y every x hours

Add/Amend server action

  • Send an email
  • Send an SMS
  • Create a new record
  • Update an existing record
  • Trigger a webhook on a third party system
  • Execute custom Python code

Add/Amend dashboard item

  • Create a new BI report by joining data from multiple models

Add/Amend security rules

  • Create a rule where users belong to group x can only read and create model y
  • Create a rule where records with a certain condition can be deleted by users belonging to group x

Add/Amend menu items

  • Create a new menu item
  • Change the label of an existing menu item
  • Change the order or location of an existing menu item

* These are most common examples of configuration that we do for clients. For more information about how we can configure your TaskFlow instance, please contact us.

Requesting Custom Developments

We work closely with existing customers and are always open to listen to ideas on new features or improvements to existing features. We do, however, not guarantee that we will build new features and there are many reasons for not doing so:

New features can most of the time be configured rather than developed. Configuration has many advantages: