TaskFlow WikiCould not connect to Websocket

Could not connect to Websocket


The error message "Could not connect to Websocket at <URL>" pops up resulting in the extension not registering.


  1. Copy the URL from the error message that reads something like "wss://demo.voiceflow.co.za:8089/ws"
  2. Open a new browser tab and paste the URL you copied in the previous step into the address bar
  3. Before clicking ENTER, replace the "wss://" part with "https://" so that the URL reads something like "https://demo.voiceflow.co.za:8089/ws"
  4. Hit ENTER and wait for the page to load (even if it takes a minute or two)
  5. If you see the message "Upgrade Required", it means you can access the websocket fine and that you are facing a different issue


  1. SSL Certificate Expiration

    If the error message from the debugging step reads "Invalid Certificate" or "Certificate Expired", it means our Secure Websocket Certificate has expired, in which case we will renew it on our side. Please contact our support@taskflow.co.za and inform us of this issue immediately.

  2. PBX Firewall Rules

    If the error message from the debugging step reads "Connection Reset", it means that our PBX is blocking your IP address. For security reasons, we only allow certain IP address ranges and can add custom rules upon request. Please contact our support@taskflow.co.za along with your static IP address and request that we add your IP address to our custom rules.

    Extra reference: What is my current IP address

  3. Internal Firewall Policy

    If the browser tab just loads and you never see any error message, it means that an internal firewall rule is blocking you from accessing the Websocket URL. Please contact your internal IT support person and ask him to whitelist the URL, along with all port ranges to that URL.

  4. Anti-virus Software

    Temporarily disable your Anti-virus software and reload the Websocket URL to see if the page loads. If it does, contract your internal IT support and ask them to add an exception to the anti-virus software that whitelists our PBX. You may need to do this on all users' computers if the anti-virus uses a company-wide policy.

Contact Support

If none of the solutions solved your issue, please contact us on support@taskflow.co.za and provide us with as much information as possible. Also indicate to us through which articles you have gone through in the troubleshooting guide.