All circuits are busy now


When trying to make an outbound call, a message is played saying "All circuits are busy now"


Go to your outbound calls report and view the End Reason, Hangup Cause and Hangup Cause Code fields. These fields will display any error messages and will provide clues to why the call did not go through.


The PBX will play this message for a whole array of issues and it is not always clear at first what the reason is (we hide the exact reason as part of our Security Policy). The most common causes are:

  • You have run out of call credits

    Log a new ticket with and request a call credit balance statement. If you have run out of call credits, we will immediately load more and send you an invoice.

  • There is a bug in the dial plan on our PBX

    If we have done any custom configuration on your PBX, this message could point to a mistake on our end. We will work with you in resolving the issue.

  • The upstream trunk provider is experiencing issues

    In most cases, TaskFlow makes use of their own upstream trunk providers. If this is the case for your entity, TaskFlow will receive notifications from the trunk provider if there are any issues. You can still however send in a new support ticket to to receive updates about the problem.

    If you have opted not to make use of TaskFlow's upstream providers but rather go through your own, please contact the provider directly for a resolution.