TaskFlow WikiCall recordings not available

Call recordings not available


  • We cannot listen to any call recordings
  • We cannot download call recordings from TaskFlow


The recording may not be on the system yet.

Try the following steps:
  1. Take note of the last call that was made that has a call recording, if there are indeed any
  2. Call recordings do take up to 10 minutes to become available on TaskFlow, but if 10 minutes has already past, please log an issue with our support team


The voice provider may not permit listening to call recordings

Try the following steps:
  1. Identify whether the playback widget does display, but when clicking play, nothing happens
  2. Right-click on "Download" and send that link to support@taskflow.co.za stating that you are unable to download the voice recording.

Contact Support

If none of the solutions solved your issue, please contact us on support@taskflow.co.za and provide us with as much information as possible. Also indicate to us through which articles you have gone through in the troubleshooting guide.

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