Release Notes


New versions are released on a regular basis and we will ensure that our clients are using the latest technology and features. We release a new version roughly once every two months and we are working to a release cycle of one month. We keep track of all changes made to the product and these changes are made available to clients and resellers.

SaaS Clients

If your TaskFlow is hosted with us, we will take care of keeping your server up to date. We will notify clients prior to releasing new versions so that they know what to expect. Support staff are made available and are on high-alert after upgrades are done to ensure that no down time is experienced.

WindowDown timeSupport high-alert
Thursday evenings22:00 to 02:00Friday mornings from 06:00 to 10:00
Sunday mornings08:00 to 12:00Monday mornings from 06:00 to 10:00

Enterprise Clients

Enterprise clients running on custom code will always be one or two versions behind the rest since the upgrade process is a bit more complex. We will be more involved in assisting with change management and we will make sure custom code still works with the latest versions. Enterprise clients will also be given the opportunity to choose dates and times that suite them for upgrades.


VersionRelease DateSupport
TaskFlow Version 2.38 December 2020Beta
TaskFlow Version 2.215 May 2020Stable
TaskFlow Version 1.26 / 2.129 March 2020Stable
TaskFlow Version 1.25 / 2.012 February 2020Old Stable
TaskFlow Version 1.244 December 2019EOL (28 May 2020)
TaskFlow Version 1.2318 September 2019EOL (13 May 2020)
TaskFlow Version 1.225 July 2019EOL (10 April 2020)
TaskFlow Version 1.2113 May 2019EOL (20 October 2019)

TaskFlow Version 1.20

3 Mar 2019EOL (18 September 2019)
TaskFlow Version 1.1926 Jan 2019EOL (9 April 2019)
TaskFlow Version 1.1814 Nov 2018EOL (20 March 2019)
TaskFlow Version 1.1717 Sep 2018EOL (3 Feb 2019)
TaskFlow Version 1.1615 Aug 2018EOL (28 Jan 2019)
TaskFlow Version 1.156 Jul 2018EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.1423 May 2018EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.133 Apr 2018EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.1231 Jan 2018EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.1127 Oct 2017EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.101 Aug 2017EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.926 Jun 2017EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.829 May 2017EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.718 May 2017EOL
TaskFlow Version 1.65 Apr 2017EOL