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  • Added US country and cities to all existing and future installations
  • Ability to clone database tables from external database sources
  • Improvements on the report conversion from OpenOffice to PDF
  • Show warning message if models have no access rights configured

User Interface

  • Speed improvement on loading the communication threadAdded a color picker widget for use on any form view
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  • Improved icons for failed, sent and read emails on the communication thread
  • Added a color picker field widget


  • , plus major speed improvement in loading the communication thread data
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  • Fixed traceback on helpdesk dashboard if no tags or types have been set for the period
  • Spam tickets will no longer be taken into account for any data displaying on the dashboard
  • Added extra help text on channel form view to guide users during setup
  • Ability to choose email template on the pending reason to automatically send email when moving a ticket into pending
  • Added additional help text on channel form view
  • Fixed traceback on helpdesk dashboard
  • Do not take spam tickets into account on the helpdesk dashboard
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  • Ability to link tickets to multiple tasks instead of just one task
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Text Message (old SMS)

  • Configure globally a text message character limit


  • Fixed traceback when generating campaign statistics
  • See agents currently logged in on campaigns Fixed traceback when generating campaign statisticson the kanban and form view
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  • Log all abandoned calls from inbound queues in the database (new end reason "Abandoned" has been added to call logs)
  • Fixed incorrect "Abandoned Calls" counter on the voice dashboard which is now based on actual call logs
  • Fixed traceback when rescheduling calls from the agent widget
  • Fixed traceback when SIP phone is not installed and a phone number is clicked