TaskFlow Version 1.11

Release date


  • Improved user security groups on various applications
  • Added surname field to a system user
  • Fixed bug where users could create new partner titles

User Interface

  • Improved styling on export screen
  • Improved styling on the domain selector screen


  • Added the ability to restrict sales activities to certain user groups


  • Added a new dashboard view showing an overview of the call centre (4)
  • Inbound calls are now linked to queues
  • Extensions are now linked to a specific PBX
  • Call centre managers can now add/remove agents from inbound queues (3)
  • Inbound calls are now matched to existing partners by default
  • User groups are now split into Agents, Team Leaders and Managers
  • Call teams can specify a team leader user
  • Fixed bug call transfers on Teleforge PBX
  • Fixed bug where agents were not forced to disposition calls that were transferred
  • Improved mobile device compatibility on the soft phone widget
  • Improved overall look and feel of soft phone widget (1)
  • Added a mic volume meter to the soft phone widget
  • Added the ability for the softphone widget to slide away
  • Improved CDR efficiency on Fox5 and Teleforge PBX
  • When doing group by's on calls, show average hold, ring and talk time
  • Show real-time statistics on inbound queues
  • It is no longer mandatory to link dispositions to a model

SMS (New!)

  • Added an SMS app where managers can see SMS usage (5)
  • Added the ability for managers to view SMS inbox
  • Added the ability for managers to do SMS configuration
  • Added the ability for managers to edit SMS tempates

Email (New!)

  • Added an Email app where managers can see inbox, outbox and failed emails
  • Added the ability for managers to configure inbound/outbound email servers
  • Added the ability for managers to configure email templates


  • Fixed pie chart statistics on voice campaign
  • Fixed estimated time of completion calculation on voice campaign
  • Improved usability when choosing filters on new campaigns (2)
  • Improved voice campaign pickup algorithm
  • Stability improvements to SMS campaigns


  • Fixed bug when a non loan user tried viewing a customer

Project/Help desk

  • Fixed drop down fields on various wizards

Extra information

(1) Improved call widget

We've given a bit of thought to the design of the agent soft phone widget. Our goal is to continue improving the usability of the widget. We've added a few animations that will invite agents to use the widget.

(2) Improved usability on campaigns

Since many of our clients struggle with campaign creation, we've improved the ease of filtering for records when creating campaigns.

(3) Queues integration into your PBX

Queues are directly integrated into your PBX. Clients will no longer have to contact their PBX provider to add/remove members to a queue and will, instead, be able to do it directly from TaskFlow.

(4) Voice dashboard

The Voice dashboard shows managers an overview of call centre statistics with links to drill down further into the data.

(5) SMS dashboard

The SMS dashboard shows SMS statistics and will also display your current balance.

Technical release

  • CMP 2.8
  • Base 1.11

Modules affected

The following modules were affected and will be upgraded:

  • bank_avs
  • base_bank
  • base_partner
  • call
  • campaign
  • campaign_call
  • campaign_crm
  • credit_report
  • crm_partner
  • debit_order
  • loan
  • mail_extend
  • project_issue_partner
  • project_partner
  • report_taskflow
  • sms
  • web_char_domain
  • web_taskflow