TaskFlow Version 1.8

Release date


What's new

Base system

  • Removal of old deprecated modules
  • Changed the "away" timeout value to 3 minutes
  • License module: Send monthly unique user count
  • License module: Send number of calls made today, month and total
  • License module: Send number of issues today, month and total
  • No user (not even Administrator) is allowed to delete system users
  • Added the ability to track every email sent, when it's opened and by who
  • Added email score field to partner form
  • Added email bounce field to partner form
  • Added branch and industry fields on company partner
  • Ability to see 32 days (by default) history on a system user
  • Fixed bug where if multiple tracebacks occur the email button doesn't work
  • Fixed bug where partner address lines caused a traceback when generating reports

User interface

  • Remove the form view's bottom border
  • Fixed postal address layout on partner form

Project management

  • Add email template menu item in the project configuration

Help desk

  • Added ability to bulk assign project issues to a certain user
  • Add email template menu item in project configuration
  • Add unit tests to the Project SLA module
  • Corrected wording on the Project SLA form view
  • Fixed bug where if an email created an issue, the contact's phone number didn't pull through
  • Fixed bug where round robin skips "away" users

Debit order

  • Add ability to load promissories and disbursements
  • Integration into Intecon/Allps
  • Integration into Paym8
  • Integration into the loan module

Loan management

  • Merged the quote, contract and documents step into one step during the loan application
  • Quotation and contract uploads now form part of the document repository
  • Replaced the employer free text field with a select-able drop down of employers
  • Loan consolidation drop down will now only show active loans
  • Ability for administrator user to change loan application settings from the current step
  • Fixed bug where if an accounting entry is cancelled on a paid loan, the loan doesn't re-open
  • Fixed bug where the loan header and footer doesn't display on loan reports
  • Fixed bug where the client's employer details weren't pulling through on future loan applications
  • Fixed bug where a traceback occurs when installing the loan module due to a missing dependency
  • Fixed bug on loan application budget step where the salary was not pulling through from previous steps

Technical release

  • Base 1.8
  • LMS 2.0