TaskFlow Version 1.9

Release date


Base system

  • Added two new selections to marital status (Married common law, Widowed)
  • Added ID number field to "Contacts & Addresses" dialog
  • Added the ability to edit email templates using the HTML code view
  • Order import batches by creation date showing the newest imports first
  • Rename the "Internal Notes" tab to "Comments" on partner form view
  • Removed the ability to choose an address type on a company partner's contacts
  • Fixed bug when adding a related company on a partner the form doesn't default to company
  • Fixed bug when adding an address on a company with the name field left blank
  • Security: Only admin user may edit the admin user's password

User interface

  • Added a link to our TaskFlow wiki in the user preferences menu drop down
  • Added an "About TaskFlow" dialog showing your current TaskFlow version with a link to the release notes


  • Added the ability to configure required documents in the sales pipeline (1)

Project management

  • Added the ability to merge tasks
  • Added the ability to bulk assign tasks to a certain user

Help desk

  • Added the ability to merge issues

Mass mailing

  • Added the ability to edit mass mailing campaign templates using the HTML code view (2)

Call centre

  • Added a new field on a call log which stores the call context (keypad, click-to-dial, campaign or inbound)
  • Feature code calls do not have to be dispositioned by an agent
  • Removed call accept date and end date fields (3)
  • Fixed bug where a call can't be made on a partner if the partner is linked to a system user
  • Fixed bug where a call could not be opened because the record it's linked to got deleted
  • Fixed bug where the user got a traceback when dispositioning an inbound call on a campaign contact, project issue or loan application
  • Fixed bug where if the browser and server time is different the ring time has unexpected values
  • Fixed bug where agent widget could not reload if multiple tabs are open

Campaign manager

  • Fixed bug on campaign dashboard line graph
  • Fixed campaign items counter on agent widget
  • Fixed access rights error on scheduled calls retrieval from the database

Debit order

  • Integration with Intecon's MPOS device which allows for AEDO payments to be authorised

Insurance (New!)

  • Ability to create insurance quotations
  • Ability to accept/decline quotations
  • Ability to manage insurance policies
  • Ability to mass activate insurance policies
  • Ability to manage insurers, products and product categories
  • Ability to create insurance quotations from sales opportunities

Extended information

(1) Required documents

To configure required documents in your sales pipeline, you can go to your Sales Dashboard, click on "More" on the desired sales team and click on "Settings". The sales team form view now has an extra tab called "Required Documents" where you can configure the type of document and the minimum stage the document has to be uploaded by.

(2) Mass mailing code view

To activate the code view, create a new mass mailing campaign and click on the "Code" logo. This allows you to edit your mass mailing campaigns HTML code directly.

(3) Removal of accept date and end date

The purpose of these two fields was to use them when calculating the ring time and talk time of a call. We have since found a better way to do the calculation (this was part of the browser server time-zone bug) and have decided that these two fields are redundant. If you would like to calculate the accept date and end date you can export your calls and calculate them by using the create date, ring time and talk time.

Technical release

  • CMP 2.6.4
  • INS 1.0
  • INS 1.1
  • Base 1.9