TaskFlow Version 1.10

Release date


Base system

  • Added the ability to see a global view of user logs and generate reports from them
  • Added the ability to search membership on mail channels
  • Users have to type at least 15 characters before submitting a support request
  • Fixed bug when trying to filter system users by online status
  • Removed partner tags from partner list view

User interface

  • Added the ability to upload your own favicon
  • Added the ability to choose your own primary and secondary colours
  • Fixed company logo width in the about dialog
  • Fixed pivot view spacing when there is no data to display
  • Fixed styling in the web site live chat application's test URL display


  • Fixed incorrect variable in the email template sent out when inviting portal users
  • Removed SMS button for portal users
  • Removed project task/issues actions for portal users


  • Remove lead tags from leads list view

Help desk

  • Hide round robin settings for projects that only use tasks

Voice (old Call Centre module)

  • Split inbound and outbound calls into separate reports
  • Added ability to track from which queue an inbound call originated
  • Added ability to track agent online/offline/dnd states in the user logs
  • Added ability to Listen / Whisper / Barge on agents (1)
  • Added ability to disposition historic calls from the agent widget
  • Added ability to search by call ID across the entire system
  • Fixed bug where call recordings were not being attached to transferred calls
  • Fixed bug on TaskFlow/FOP2 barge/whisper/listen functionality
  • Fixed bug when trying to make a call on a partner contact or system user directly
  • Fixed bug when deleting dispositions the disposition data on historic calls is also lost
  • Removed all deprecated code from the old agent call widget
  • Removed customers, vendors and leads from the Call Centre app - use the Contact and Sales app instead


  • Added a pie chart view on the campaigns dashboard
  • Added estimated time to completion on the campaigns dashboard
  • Added outbound number randomisation to campaigns
  • Added ability to mass reassign campaign stats to a different agent
  • Added ability to mass reset campaigns stats to be called again
  • Added extra audit logs to campaign stats
  • Fixed bug where outbound CID from campaign was ignored
  • Removed the agent status dashboard - go to the Voice app instead

Loan Management

  • Only show active loans where the customer is the owner when consolidating loans
  • Allow tellers to continue past the bank account verification step if the bank account is verified
  • Create an employer if they do not exist in the system after a credit check
  • Better error message when no journal is selected on the payout step

Technical release

  • CMP 2.7
  • Base 1.10

Modules affected

The following modules were affected and will be upgraded:

  • api_fox5
  • api_teleforge
  • base_partner
  • base_users_log
  • call
  • call_crm
  • campaign
  • campaign_call
  • crm_partner
  • loan
  • mail_extend
  • project_issue_partner
  • project_issue_round_robin
  • project_partner
  • web_multi_company
  • web_taskflow

Extended information

(1) Ability to Listen / Whisper / Barge on agents

The images below highlights the difference between the previous and new agent status dashboard.

Remember that the agent status dashboard is no longer located in Campaigns → Reports → Agent Status. Instead, you can find it in the Voice application.

1. Listen

This feature is also known as "spying" on the current call. The agent and the client is unaware that the manager is listening in on the call.

2. Whisper

This feature is useful when training new agents. The manager can speak to the agent without the client being aware of anything.

3. Barge

With this feature the manager is capable of joining and taking control of an agent's phone call.