TaskFlow Version 1.7

Release date


What's new

Call Centre

  • Complete revamp of the agent widget (1)
  • Added the ability for an agent to control their presence (online, offline, do not disturb)
  • Only answered calls need to be dispositioned by the agent
  • Added the ability to easily switch between campaigns
  • Added a full phone keypad
  • Added a debugging panel
  • Better call end reasons (2)
  • Track ring time and talk time per call
  • Log SIP.js end reasons onto calls
  • Call centre dispositions can only be used for calls made outside of campaigns

Campaign Manager

  • Added new settings on campaigns (3)
  • Added ability to automatically disposition calls for specific end reasons

Extended information

(1) Complete revamp of the agent widget

We decided to move away from a small widget at the bottom right of the screen and dedicate 20% of the screen width to a better and more usable call widget. Below is a screenshot of the old call widget in version 1.6 and the new widget.

(2) Better call end reasons

Before this version it was possible to see that a call was hung up, rejected or cancelled, but not who (the agent or the callee) hung up, rejected or cancelled the call. We now introduced the following end reasons:

  • Hung up by Agent
  • Hung up by Callee
  • Rejected by Agent
  • Rejected by Callee
  • Busy Agent
  • Busy Callee
  • Cancelled by Agent
  • Cancelled by Callee
  • Call transferred
  • Error

(3) Added new settings on campaigns

The layout of the campaign settings tab has been changed as can be seen on the screen shot below. A very relevant change is the "Force auto dialing" checkbox which will force turn on automatic dialing for all agents who join a campaign. The "Max agent wrapup time" value can be changed to a lower value in order to decrease the time agents wait in between calls before automatic dialing will continue.

A manager can also choose whether agents should disposition all calls (meaning automatic dialing is paused until the previous call is dispositioned) or whether the call should be dispositioned automatically so that automatic dialing can continue. We've also added settings where managers can decide which dispositions should automatically be added to calls based on the end reason of the call.

Technical release

  • CMP 2.6
  • CMP 2.6.1
  • CMP 2.6.2
  • CMP 2.6.3