400 Bad Request


When logging into TaskFlow you may get the 400 Bad Request page and then after a browser refresh, you are able to login again. This especially happens if you open TaskFlow through a bookmark or shortcut icon.


  • Change the bookmark/desktop shortcut URL

    If you created a bookmark link to TaskFlow, be sure to use your TaskFlow link: https://demo.taskflow.co.za. Replace "demo" with your instance URL. If your link includes "/web/login" at the end of the URL, you are likely to experience the problem above. This is due to browsers saving the entire page when bookmarking it. For security reasons, our login page is protected by a CSRF token that will expire after some time, which is why the page the browser stores will not work.

Contact Support

If none of the solutions solved your issue, please contact us on support@taskflow.co.za and provide us with as much information as possible. Also indicate to us through which articles you have gone through in the troubleshooting guide.